Sonika Hospital- A Dr Pamal Enterprises


Sonika Sarang Hospital Simrahi began its seemingly quixotic quest in  August 19 2015  having almost all facilities under one roof, with an advanced multispeciality hospital, diagnostic centre, IVF centre and a research centre along with paramedical & Nursing School with different charitable ventures, training centre for various government projects and dream to set up a Medical University very soon.

It is Established in beloved memory of Sonika Sarang, Bivha Corporation First Lady, Guru of Our Guru.For details Visit:

Refined and Redefined. Hope is every person’s bridge to the future. Looking to the distress of patients in this small city, we took the first decisive step on the road to recovery of patients by providing international standard health care within the reach of all patients, in most economic rate. But Hope needs a companion. It needs power of knowledge, the strength of assurance; and that is where we come in. At Sonika Sarang Hospital we have added new meaning to the very concept of hope to patients by providing assurance to patients with finest medical treatments, with advanced technology with our excellent range of medical equipments, and consultancy by building accuracy and dependability in every sphere for the growth and development of Sonika Hospital, to serve the ailing and infertile masses. The Hospital maintains a team of doctors, well trained in multi-disciplinary areas of medicine and surgery.

Sonika Hospital has engaged in charitable endeavors across Five location in Bihar. regularly and frequently, through free medical camps, free distribution of medicines in rural areas, training of birth attendants in different blocks and reaching out to those who find it difficult to reach us.

The assisted reproduction unit at sonika Hospital, namely Sonika Test Tube Baby Centre (Also Known as “Sonika Vastalaya), consists of highly skilled and experienced reproductive specialists. The team provides international standard services in IVF/Andrology/Endocrinology making every effort to let the infertile couples conceive and fulfill their dream of having their own baby. Sonika Hospital offers a complete range of facilities for investigation of male and female infertility. Treatment is coordinated with the best scientific and medical practice with the highest level of care and consideration for each couple.
Currently we have not super facilities . hence trying our best to deliver full range of services.
Our service capability is universally acknowledged as the most effective in the medical profession in Global scenario, especially in surgeries and test tube baby centers. We have also started Nursing and Paramedical education in our centre. The combination of research and education distinguishes Sonika Hospital .

We are planning to make health care hub to create a global talent pool of medical professionals and start a new era in health care at Simrahi. We seek your best wishes for our endeavor for future growth.

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